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Micro Hardness Tester
We, QS Metrology Pvt Ltd, has grown leaps and bound in the industry as manufacturer and exporter of precision engineered Hardness Tester that showcase accurate results without any functionality error. These are widely made use for testing the Hardness  of any surface to ascertain its suitability for a specific purpose. Hence, these are highly applicable for quick and accurate determination of the roughness of surface for many diverse sectors and industries in easiest manner. The device easily scans the Hardness within a few seconds and reads the roughness value. Finding great applicability in workshops, laboratories or in manufacturing facilities, these are known for greater functionality and zero error.

Surface Roughness Tester's Features

  • Apt for testing the roughness of any surface
  • Maintains precision and accuracy
  • Very simple and easy to perform
  • Great usage across diverse industry sectors
Coating Thickness Gauges
Measurement of coating for various metals in different industry sectors is essentially required so that it meet the required level of specification. Delivering end-to-end results, these coating thickness gauges is required for measuring the coatings on ferrous or non ferrous metals for quality control. Delivering the correct value for the product’s thickness which, if not in the specified range, may be one of the reasons for crack or damage in the product, hence monitoring its coat gets equally important. Highly in use for determining the thickness of powder coating in automotive, furniture, metal sheet fabricator industry and sectors, these are highly reliable.

Coating Thickness Gauge's Features
  • Integrated hand held design for ease of use
  • The backlit LCD screen also displays the result
  • Use of ferrous and non-ferrous substance
  • Precision reading for determining high level of accuracy

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